Cross-border cooperation within transport and logistics


Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor

Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor is an EU-project designed to expand the connections between strong, fast growing, internationally important regions that are in need of a ferry (e.g. Ostrobotnia and Westerbothnia). In other words, the Midway Alignment project will result in a secure, environmentally and economically sustainable transport system for goods and passengers traveling through the Bothnian Corridor.


E12 Atlantica Transport

The project is based on cross-border cooperation between partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway along the E12. The project produces strategies and guidelines for cross-border transport planning and a sustainable development of the route and conducts pilot activities in cooperation with companies to highlight deficiencies and opportunities in the transport system.



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NLC Umeå

NLC Storuman

Mo i Rana Havn

Mosjoen havn

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