NLC Vaasa, the logistics and corporate park (total area approx. 400 ha) owned by the city of Vaasa and the municipality of Mustasaari, has been divided into three sections: a logistics park, a rail terminal and a production district. The area has been created according to industry needs, which means that e.g. heavy transport requirements (sufficient turning space etc.) have been considered at the very beginning of the planning process.

NLC Vaasa Oy, a company owned by Vaasa and Korsholm, is responsible for the area’s basic infrastructure (e.g. planned roads, water and wastewater lines). The public utilities for the first detail area plan were finished in October 2013.



Phase I (picture)

Phase I has an area of some 70 ha, of which 60 ha development areas. The area is suitable for different kinds of logistic functions and has a flexible site solution. The construction of the first terminal was ready in the fall of 2014. The companies can choose mode of ownership of the terminals, the sites are preferably for rent.



Phase II – III Production area and rail terminal

The area reserved for production offers logistically magnificent lots for growing production facilities in the Vaasa region as well as completely new production units. The east part of the production area has been reserved for a rail terminal, anticipating the steadily growing importance of rail traffic. For example, the intermodal area enables a combined terminal for trucks and trains as well as other functions that aid various projects and bulk transports. Supporting activities for the port (e.g. storage- and container areas) or logistics solutions for the retail sector are also possible.

The industrial railway will be completed according to industry needs.

Phase II

  • Rail terminal area (bulk, big units and project cargo)
  • Activities supporting the port (e.g. storage and container depot)
  • Logistics for retail trade
  • Big industry lots